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"I wish people would keep in mind punk is a way of life it is all some of us have to define who we are. It is not about money or social class, it is about how some stand up to the every day poo-tang that we all go through and say screw it that is not for me."

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"If we don't try, if we just lie, if we can't find a way to do it better than this, Who will?"

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Various St. Louis venues

The 2008              | 2008 South 39th St | Best place for DIY punk/hardcore/indie in St. Louis. No bar, always all ages.
Centro Sociale       | 2700 Macklind, St. Louis, MO | New DIY venue in St. Louis. Shows, art, and  other cool stuff.
The Galaxy            | 1227 Washington | Pretty good variety of shows. Big name bands. Big  bouncers.
The Creepy Crawl | 412 N. Tucker | You'll find mostly punk shows here. Also some metal, indie..
The Gargoyle          | On the campus at Wash U. | I think you have to go to Wash U to get into most shows here.
The Hi-Pointe         | 1001 McCausland | Little bit of everything. A lot of bands have played here.
Karma                    | 1624 Delmar | Looks like a wide variety of shows. Bigger names. Used to be 'The Other World'.
Mississippi Nights  | 914 N. 1st | Baracades, flashlights, and bouncers. Big shows. I hate this club.
Rocket Bar             | 2001 Locust | A newer club that seems to draw most of the emo/indie shows.
The Side Door       | 2005 Locust | Another club with variety of bands and shows. punk, indie, etc..


If a venue is not listed it's most likely because it's 21 and up or the obvious evil amphitheater.  For a much more complete list  go to the St. Louis Nightclubs page.barbedwire.gif (3711 bytes)

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