\par \par \par Aberdeen Punk Scene
"Touring bands check this site for information on getting a show in Aberdeen,SD"

\par Adam's Punk Page
"A punk rock site complete with links for bands and upcoming tour dates for Atlanta punk bands."

\par Adelaide DIY Punk Page
"Adelaide DIY Punk Page is a page dedicated to supporting the South Australian punk scene."

\par AJZ Bahndamm-Wermelskirchen(Germany)
"Small alternative musicplace with Punk,Indie,Ska-concerts/disco"

\par Alabama: 316 Crew
"Get shows in Alabama, and find out info on South East bands."

\par Albany DIY: a photo tour
"see the albany diy scene through pictures taken at local shows"

\par Albany/Saratoga NY Punk Message Board
"A message board for info about our Street punk, Hardcore punk and Crust/Anarko scene"

\par Albuquerque Punkrock
"Albuquerque's own page of punk and other stuff"

\par Albuquerque punk scene
"Site devoted to the harder aspects of the punk scene in albuquerque. Concentrated on hardcore, crust, oi and streetpunk. Includes info on Food not bombs, ARA and other local happenings."

\par Amarillo Hardcore
"The Amarillo Punk Scene"

\par Amarillo's official Brian Deneke Memorial Committee site
"Site containing information about the murder of Brian Deneke and the discrimination of punk culture"

\par Arkansas: Cut Moth
"A site for Arkansas bands, labels, zines, venues, etc. But this site's not just for the Arkansas scene. There's lots more!"

\par Athens Georgia: B&L Warehouse
"Punk rock/diy venue in Athens, Georgia"

\par Atlanta Bands
"Atlanta punk pictures bands and misc. stuff"

\par Atlanta Punk (punkATLANTA)
"Up to the minute guide to local shows along with band info and links"

\par Underground Atlanta
"All you need to know about the Atlanta scene and then some!"

\par Atlanta-Locals
"Atlantas Version To Punk Rock Motherf**ker"

\par Atlanta's Little Horrors
"Featuring the best in atlanta's underground scene, punk scene, graffiti scene, clubs, and a lot more."

\par Atlanta-Grind
"Info on atlanta's other punk scene, crust, grind, thrash, metal, anything loud and heavy"

\par Atlanta's 513 Club
"Updated often! punk/ska/hardcore/Oi!/crust/ venue"

\par Australia: Censored Thought
"this a page dedicated to australian punk, hardcore and ska. contains info on bands, reviews of releases, shows, zines and books, etc. as well as links and essays"

\par Australia: Punk Rock Does Not Suck!!
"Straight out copy of yours..... Well it does have a passing resemblence anyway. It's a bit more Australian Specific and has more of a personal approach than just a list of links and does actually have some info about the bands, and what CD's they have out. Also has info on radio shows local to Melbourne, Australia. Still needs a lot of work to be anything but a cheap immitation of WWP. (yeah I'm a suk arse)"

\par Australian Punk and Hardcore
"Info on heaps of Aussie punk/hc bands. Gig/cd reviews of Aussie and International bands, heaps of links."

\par \par \par Baltimore scene info/booking/fun stuff
"A scene report on balto. punx, with band info, booking info, pix from past shows, and maybe some sounds...and other stuff I feel like putting on..."

\par Baltimore Scene Page
"This page includes all that is Baltimore and Maryland. The page includes links to bands, venues, pics, labels, bookers, and a classifieds section."

\par Bataan Rural Decay Scene
"Bataan Philippines first and only underground scene"

\par Bavaria
"All you have to know if you live in Bavaria! (sorry, all in german!)"

\par Bedford, PA: Bard Punk's Punk Shows
"This is a list of punk, hardcore, and ska shows that I am doing in Bedford Pennsylvania"

\par Belfast Ireland: The Warzone Collective
"Home of the warzone collective, belfast. Gig listings, latest releases, real audio and mp3 downloads etc"

\par Belgium: Evil Area
"Evil Area is an on-line webzine mainly about belgian scene but also about worldwide hardcore. You'll find tourdates, reviews, pictures, thoughts, news and many more."

\par Belguim: Teenage Head Productions
"Booking agency-local promoter-Belgium"

\par Belgium: Strike Ltd. Punkrock Page
"This page features local Belgian bands, gives info on the punkrock scene in the world!"

\par Belvidere IL: Dodge Lanes
"We are a bowling alley in Belvidere, IL, which is 10 minutes from Rockford (which is 1 hour south of Madison and 90 minutes northwest of Chicago). We book shows for punk, ska, indie, emo, and hardcore bands. Check us out, we want to have you."

\par Berkeley CA: 924 Gilman St.
One of the best known all-ages volumteer-run punks clubs ever.

\par Berlin, Germany: Progressive Sound
"Dates and News ( Berlin - Germany)"

\par Berlin, Germany: Elektrotot
"local d.i.y. hardcore infoservice from berlin, germoney (language is german)"

\par Birmingham, UK: Badger Promotions
"Badger Promotions organises Punk and Hardcore gigs at The Old Railway, Birmingham, UK. Bands wanting gigs get in touch, loads of links to other bands, fanzines, radio Stations, Punk Hardcore related stuff."

\par Boergeyk, Eindhoven area (Holland)
"Homepage of Eindhoven area bands like: Violation of Trust, Discipline, Tech 9 and some other local bands"

\par Boise Valley Punk Page
"This page has information, or will have, on Boise area bands, upcoming shows, places to get shows here, and scene reports."

\par Boise Idaho: Angry Potato Punk Page
"for and about the boise, idaho scene"

\par Boston Punk Page
The *ultimate* source for what's happening in the Boston punk/skin/hardcore scene.

\par Boston: Habbib's Punk & Ska Page
"Real Audio, Boston show listings, links and more"

\par Brazilian SkaPunkHardCore Page
Lots of Brazilian bands, info, and more!

\par Brazil - Punk/Ska Page do Brasil
"Everything about punk, ska and hardcore. Available in english and portuguese."

\par Brazil - Suburbio
"This site have the scene local from Brazil. Here you find the bands: Garotos Podres, Olho Seco, Ratos de Por\'e3o, A\'e7\'e3o Direta, Blind Pigs, and outers."

\par Brevard Sucks!
"A page dedicated to the Central FL undeground music scene, focusing mainly on Melbourne and surrounding areas."

\par British Columbia - BC Punk/HC/Ska/Etc. Directory
"Listing of BC bands/zines/labels/distros/pages on the Internet. The purpose is for interscene communication, to further the goals of producing music without corporate governance."

\par British Columbia - Diminutive Revolution
"Great resource for info and contacts in BC Canada's punk scene!!"

\par British Columbia - BCgiglist
"this is a mailing list for shows in BC canada.. it's not a discussion list (if you want that, go for the BCpunk list on onelist.com). you can send in show info, or just recive. it's a new list (sept) and hopefully it will turn into a good resource for show info."

\par British Columbia - BC Canada punk links!!
"a whole bunch of links to web pages that have somthing to do with the scene in BC canada!! come check it out and add you're link if it's not already on there."

\par Buffalo Show Listing
"THE list of upcoming shows and contacts in Buffalo."

\par Buffalo: Division 86489 - The Punk/Ska Army Of Buffalo
"This is a great page dedicated to the wonderful punk/ska scene found here in lovely Buffalo, NY. Take a listen and see what you like. Numerous band pages and booking info can be found here. Latuh Skatuhs!"

\par Buffalo-FSU
"FSU is a Buffalo NY show promoter. Come to our page, if you are interested in setting up a show in the Buffalo NY area, or if your a band and want us to promote you."

\par \par \par Caledon (Ontario) Punk Page
"A page for Punk/Ska/Hardcore Bands In The Brampton Oakville Caledon area. ie Grade, New Day Rising, MARTINI, Preoccupied, Perfectly Normal, marilyn's vitamins"

\par Calgary: Jonny's Calgary Indie Rockin'/ Emo Place 2 Be
"emo/hardcore/indierock/samba bands, my opinions, veganism, links, hair."

\par Calgary - Justabunchokids
"Calgary's 100% Democratic scene collective! This site features scene reports, linx, and other useful info."

\par Calgary show listings-CowPunk!
"A montlhy flyer zine that lists upcoming punk and ska shows in cowtown. Also reviews records 'n' shite. "

\par Calgary: Dominion of exaltation
"The Calgary and area upcoming gigz and fundraiserz and more."

\par California Hardcore
"A site dedicated to the entire California Hardcore scene. All the bands, labels, distro, zines, photos, sounds, etc!!"

\par California Newschool
"Info on all of your favorite New School Hardcore bands + News & Links to every CAHC site I know of , sounds coming soon."

\par Northern California punk/independent
"Some local bands and local shows in N. California"

\par Canadian Punk
"This site has links to Canadian punk sites, bands and record labels. All Canadian. You can also subscribe to my monthly e-zine. More info on site."

\par CANed Punk
"This badass site brings you the latest on the Canadian Punk music scene."

\par Canuck Punk
A Canadian punk page! Bands, labels, zines, shows, radio, and more!

\par KickInTheHead.com: Canada's Music Source
"Comprehensive searchable database of Canadian musicians. Updated for free by the artists themselves, it includes the 411 on tour dates, fan sites, MP3, Real Audio, band members and more."

\par Crazy Canadian punk info
"Canadian Punk links to bands, labels Distros. Fuckin' Eh Zine! Mp3s + tons more."

\par Canada (East Coast): ...And Then She Shot Me
"A photosite focusing on maritime canadian bands...."

\par Canada Hardcore MP3
"Focusing entirely on promoting Canadian hardcore bands. Over 200 megs of MP3s, ready to be downloaded. Acacia, Chokehold, Burden, Day Of Mourning, Grade, Unborn, Officer Down and much much more!"

\par Carroll County (MD) Music Pages
"This site has links to all kinds of bands (mainly punk) that are out of the Carroll County Maryland area. It also keeps tabs on other Maryland bands."

\par Carson City Rocks
"Carson City/Gardnerville/Minden/Dayton area--To hell with driving to Reno!"

\par Charleston HC/punk Mailing List
"Mailing list for hardcore/punk/emo/post-punk/emo-core/sludge shows, news..."

\par Chattanooga TN: Punk Rawk~Choo-Choo Style
"Chattanooga TN's premiere punk site! Includes info about local and out-of-town bands, A show calender, info about our scene and tons of other punk rock crap!"

\par Chester Crew
"These are the bands of chester. We all have our own sounds. These bands all say what they feel. We all have been around for about a year. So we do have good expeience."

\par Chicago Punk and Ska Web site (CPSW.net)
"Everything you need to know and more about what's going on in Chicago as related to punk rock, ska, or the variety of other loosely-related subcultures in the region. Get shows, band links, post classified ads for free, and a whole lot more!"

\par Chicago Shows List
"Always with the latest Chicago Shows List, plus links to other shows lists around Chicago and the rest of the country."

\par Chicago Punk Shows
"An updated list of punk shows in the Chicago Area"

\par Chicago HxC - BahScumbug.com
"Chicago-area HxC scene info, huge section of links for lesser known local bands as well as well-known favorites, constantly updated Chicago shows list and a helluva lot more than I can list here..."

\par Chico, California
"RPM's Web Page Featuring: Punk Rock, Techno and DJ, and Local Chico Events"

\par Chile: Madafaka
"All about the Chilean scene, particullary the city of Concepci\'f3n. Check out the news and learn some spanish also."

\par Cincinnati: The Neus Subjex
"The Neus Subjex has current News available concerning every aspect of the Cincinnati Punk rock scene. We also sell local bands merchandise. See the zine that invented the term "I need CPR!" (Cincinnati Punk Rock)"

\par Cincinnati: So Far NO Good
"CPR (Cincinnati Punk Rock) and NKP (Northern Kentucky Punk), Show listings, birthday list, surveys, pen pals and other scene unifying fun"

\par Cincinnati: Something 2 Stand 4 - A Benefit For Bree
"kids in the cincinnati area are helping a friend to someday walk by holding punk shows to fund the treatment she needs. this is what punk is all about."

\par Cincinnati: Fear and Loathing in the Queen City
"A list of underground happenings dealing with the punk rawk in the city of Cincinnati."

\par Cleveland Punk Scene Site
"A new and much-needed site with Cleveland punk resources, including bands, shows, labels, zines, stores, and more."

\par Cleveland Independent Hardware Systems
"Site for cleveland area indie and underground artists and musicians."

\par Cleveland: 1st Annual Ruckus Music Festival
"This summer's premier showcase of local Cleveland area talent!"

\par Colombian Punk Page
"Cool site to get information about the punk scene in Colombia, third world punk, 100%D.I.Y"

\par Colombia: Neolombia
"Neolombia: Pagina del Neo-Punk colombiano (Colombian Neo-Punk Page)"

\par Punk de Colombia
"Page about punk rock in Colombia, South America. Bands, Pics, Scene Reports and info in General. English/Espa\'f1ol P\'e1gina de punk colombiano Bandas, escena, fotos, informaci\'f3n completa."

\par Columbus Ohio's 'Retribution' - local shows, info, and more.
"Columbus Ohio's local listing of shows, record labels, bands, and a hell of a lot more"

\par Conneticut Punk & Ska
"List of Record Companies, CT Bands, zines, add your site."

\par Copenhagen Denmark: Ungdomshuset's Website
"Copenhagen/Denmarks No. 1 punk/hardcore/wutevar venue!!!"

\par Croatian Bands
Links and info about a few Croatian punk bands.

\par CT Punk & Ska Scene
"Links to CT ska & punk bands, upcoming shows, sounds, news, & more..."

\par CT punk hardcore and more...
"this site has pretty much all of CT punk and hardcore band links I could find plus many other links and most of the shows that are around the tri-state area (updated daily)"

\par \par \par Danville Illinois Scene
"info on the booming Danville scene, looking for more bands for shows"

\par Dayton Ohio: 937nrrrdcore D.I.Y. shows
"punk/emo/indie/HC shows in dayton, ohio. we're really nice."

\par DC/Annapolis/Baltimore - Stone Cole's Local Links
"This page contains links to the bands in the DC/Annapolis/Baltimore scene. From hardcore to punk...it's all here."

\par DC Collective
"The DC collective is a network of individuals working together to put on more and better independent shows in Washington DC."

\par Suburban Riot-DC/VA punk and hardcore fun
"This is my little homepage about punk, ska, and hardcore in the DC metro area and shit about me."

\par DC: RMmA zine/records/shows
"Punk/Ska/Hardcore DC area littl' one page copied zine with expanded online stuf along with our littl' record organization (not a company!) with our show promotions. We are punk kids that love the Pietasters (and me, Scofflaws) and have some tough hardcore attitudes"

\par the Delaware Scene
"A resource for Delaware's small underground scene. Contains a webring, a bulletin board, contact information, links, free site design, and show information."

\par Denver Punk Page
"one stop shopping for all your denver area punk scene information. Includes: show dates, bands, zines, reviews, message borad and more."

\par Des Moines: The Axiom
"Info on the Des Moines Punk Scene, an interview with Kerry of the U.S. Bombs, and home of the Midwest Music List Server."

\par Detroit: Motor City Music Links
"The largest on-line list of Detroit area bands and artists"

\par Detroit Punk Page
"Detroit city punk rock. Band info, show stuff, reviews, sound clips, nonsense distro, links, and lots more good stuff."

\par DetroitPunkRock
"a brand spanking new page for the detroit punk rock scene, local bands, local venues, mailing list everything.....the colonel"

\par Detroit: Motor City Punk
"You thought Detroit was all auto factories and Kid Rock Fans ? THINK AGAIN! This is Motor City Punk. Your guide to the BEST music Detroit has to offer! And I'm NOT talking about Ted Nugent !!"

\par Dutch PunkNet
"Loads of info and articles about Dutch bands, venues, etc."

\par Dutch Scene: PunX United
"Dutch punk and hardcore bands like: Toy Soldiers, Dutchbad, Fight 121, Likm'nReet, Subs and more..also nice pics and funstuff!"

\par \par \par East Coast Hardcore
Mostly the New York City scene.

\par Edmonton Punk/Ska page
"Punk site with info (pics, sounds, etc.) about several bands from Edmonton,Alberta, Canada"

\par Erie PA's Scene
"Erie's Scene"

\par Europunx
"Bands, labels, radio shows, organizations, gigs, etc. in Europe."

\par \par \par Finland: Finnish Punk Guide
"Finnish links: Bands, labels, mailorder, zines, organisations (all Finnish), links (abroad)"

\par Finland
Hiljaiset Levyt Records homepage, with lots of info about the Finnish scene.

\par Flagstaff Arizona's official underground scene!
"The official Flagstaff underground (don't be fooled by cheap immitations)! "

\par Florence AL: Dorm 11
"a place to play in florence al. on tour? make a stop here for some fun!"

\par Florida: The Outlet Cooperative
"Miami, FL venue made by punks for punks, "

\par Floridacore!
"Florida's only punk, ska, rocksteady, oi, hardcore, emo, swing, rockabilly site."

\par Florida's Petty Wage
"The Origional and widley prefered page dedicated to serving the needs of the Florida scene. Local bands, lables, mailorder, and more."

\par Fort Worth, Texas: Abracadabra
"All ages venue in Fort Worth, Texas (better than Dallas) with live Rock/Pop/Punk/Ska bands on the weekends."

\par France
"This site presents a lot of (not yet very famous) french Punk/Ska bands"

\par \par \par Gainesville Florida: The G-Note
"Gainesville's first and only local music source"

\par Georgia's Biggest Local Page
"Has ever Ga band,allshows,Clubs,Zines,Radio,everything!!"

\par Germany: Punk-Treff
"german Punk page with all the Bands informations and stuff"

\par Germany: ZAZ - Zusammenschlu\'df autonomer Zentren in OWL
"German regional Punk Youth-Club Organisation"

\par Germany/Berlin - Back To The Boots (B.T.T.B)
"BackToTheBoots is a D.I.Y. project, organising punk/hc gigs, support bands, mailorder, label and much, much more..."

\par Germany: Gaswerk Concertguide
"Ska,Punk, Oi,Concertdates mainly for the south of germany links and fun,growing"

\par Germany/Nuernberg: Ear-Trumpet Concerts
"Promoter of hc/emo/(post-)punk/indie etc. shows in nuernberg/germany, with photos and concert calendar"

\par The Grand Rapids, MI punk scene
"The place for links and info. on some of the best bands in Grand Rapids."

\par Green Bay area bands
"Links to bands in the Green Bay area."

\par Green Bay Area Shows
"Up to date show listings for the Green Bay Area (and outer Wisconsin)"

\par Green Bay: Concert Cafe
"website for the Concert Cafe in Green Bay, WI ! check it out."

\par Groningen Hardcorepunk
"Holland Hardcorepunk, about Groningen in particular. Concerts, addresses, bands... updated often."

\par Grunnen Rocks
"This site is about good music in the city of Groningen and especially about music I like myself." Lots of great stuff found here!

\par Guatemala a la power violence
"here you can find lots of stuff about the scene in guatemala and other shit"

\par \par \par Halifax, Nova Scotia
"Site for the dynamic Halifax area punk and hardcore scene, with an overview, history and lots of band and other links."

\par Halifax Punk/Hardcore
"This is ALL you need for the Halifax Nova Scotia scene.It's ALL right here.Halifax's punk and hardcore is ALL here."

\par Hampton Roads Kids
"This is a site dedicated to supporting the punk, ska, hardcore and emo scene of Hampton Roads (Va)."

\par Hastings County Tard-Core
"The Official Hastingz-County Tard-Core Site,dedicated to all the Hastingz County bandz and showz that happen in Hastingz-County Area...."

\par Hawaii Punk Rock Scene
"Updates on what's hapenin' in Hawaii. Plus links to alot of local bands and such..."

\par Hawaii Hardcore
"A site all about the Hawaii HC scene."

\par Helsingin AlaKulttuuri Yhdistys (HAKY)
"HAKY is sub-culture organization of Helsinki. Organizing punk shows mainly in Helsinki. Information about Scandinavian City of Punk -festival. Touring bands, contact us for tours in Finland."

\par Holland - Sister Ray
"Info about the local scene of the Krimpenerwaard and Rotterdam, Holland. Bands, labels, zines and more!"

\par Hollywood CA: Tigermask Trash Au Go Go
"Venue catering to garage/punk/psychobilly/rockabilly/wild surf/trash in Hollywood,CA"

\par Hungarian Punk Page
"Info on local bands, zines labels etc."

\par \par \par Idaho USA: South East Idaho Punk
"Info on bands, shows, venues and such in South East Idaho."

\par Indiana
"A list of Indiana punk, ska, rockabilly, etc bands. I also try to keep some show dates up."

\par Inland Empire, California
"basically this page is a way to expose people to the empire which is all in between LA county and san bernandino county. we got it all from punk to hardcore to oi to ska and all in between"

\par Iowa Scene News
"often updated info on the iowa punk, emo, ska, hardcore scene. show lists, and links!"

\par Irish Underground Music
"An up to date guide of what's going on in Ireland with .ra and mp3 files"

\par Israel
"this is a site with some info about the israel hardcore/punk scene"

\par Israel: The Rockin' Rat's Israeli HC/Punk/Underground Links
"This little page contains 99% of all Israeli HC/Punk/Underground related links (not that there are THAT many, but...). This site also has an attitude."

\par Israel: IsraHeLLi Punk Page
"This is an israeli punk page. it has some MP3 and it talks about the "Scene", some local bands , shows info and other Kewl stuff...Check it out..."

\par \par \par Jacksonville, Florida
"pix, linx, reviews, and lotsa info on about 15 local punk/ska/hardcore bands from jacksonville, florida."

\par Joplin HC Report
"The local report for Joplin, MO and the surrounding 4-states (MO,AR,KS,OK)"

\par \par \par The Kamloops and Area Scene
"A page devoted to the scene around Kamloops B.C. Canada. All sorts of neat stuff. Come take a look"

\par Kansas City: kc-diy
"a fun site for the punks of kansas city, missouri"

\par Kansas City Punk Rock~Ghetto Nation
"Lots of info on the great bands, venues, & other things about the Kansas City/Lawerence scene"

\par Keistad, Netherlands
"Info on the Keistad scene, a small town in the Netherlands but full with rocking bands!"

\par Kenosha Wisconsin: kenopunx/skins
"Page for and about punx and trad. skins in and around kenosha wisconsin. Record reviews, shows, columns, more."

\par Kingston (Ontario) Hardcore
"Everything happening in the Kingston punk and hardcore scene, band profiles, show listings, articles, interviews. It's totally DIY."

\par Knoxville, TN Scene - The Pages of Punk
"Yet another page to represent K-town punk. *Includes other scenes as well but is mainly dealing with Knoxville."

\par Knoxville: Anti-Racist Action
"The K-town chapter dedicated to establishing brotherhood in the non-judgemental part of our community, educating the masses, and stamping out all prejudices!"

\par Knoxville Punk
"A page for the Knoxville, Tn Punk scene that will be updated as new info is out with news, shows,people,etc."

\par Kringleville Hardcore, Racine, WI
"Kringleville hardcore is basically a page devoted to the progress of the local Racine, WI music scene. Info found here will include contact for bands as well as when and where who is playing."

\par \par \par Lake Charles, LA: Sauteed Zines and Shows
"This site contains information about the punk scene of Lake Charles, LA, which is halfway between Houston and New Orleans. It also contains pictures, booking info if your band would like to play here, reviews of punk music, interviews, and other fun stuff."

\par Lake County California: Music In Lake County
"Dedicated to bands from Lake County, CA. If you are from Lake County, CA, and have a band, come here and add your band. This goes for punk and ska bands, along with any other music genre such as hardcore, metal, rap, etc. Lake County sucks...make it suck less by coming here."

\par Lancaster, PA Area Punk Page
"This is the unofficial web page for the Lancaster, PA punk scene with scene reports, area bands, and the show list."

\par Las Vegas NV: Stardoom L A B S
"Local Artist Bands Showcasing links and images of Las Vegas Hard Core scene and labels."

\par Las Vegas NV: AllKore
"your link to the vegas music scene. contains info on shows and bands, interivews, columns, reviews, links, etc."

\par Latino Punk
"The biggest web resource of latin punk, full of links of zines, bands, labels and lots more!"

\par Lawrence Kansas Punk Rock History
"the history of Punk Rock and other musics in Lawrence Kansas USA. Twenty-plus years of happenings in a scene many people mistake for Nowhere, USA."

\par Lawrence Kansas - The Bob Cutler Page
This is Bob Cutler's crazy webzine, with lots of local stuff for those of you in Kansas.

\par Lepakko November 13th 1999
"Information about gig in Helsinki november 13th 1999. There will play many bands, who already split up years ago. Also many new bands. After the gig there will be stories, photos, etc. about this. Check this is out!"

\par lkpg hardcore (the unofficial page)
"It's about the lkpg hardcore scene. Features bands as Outlast, Nine, backside, First in Line, both sides etc."

\par London England - The Dirty Water Club
"The only DIY punk club in London, England. All types of punk music, especially '60s garage punk, but also pop-punk, ska-punk, '77, surf, r&b, '60s beat and more besides - but bands must have the punk attitude even if their music isn't strictly punk."

\par Long Island Ska & Punk: Skaburbia
"A comprehensive guide to Long Island, New York's local ska and punk scene"

\par Long Island, New York: Island Ska
"Long Island Punk/Ska Scene"

\par Los Angeles: the L.A. PUNK and Oi! Page
"for PUNKS and SKINS alike."

\par Los Angeles: The L.A. Punk Scene!
"The definitive guide to the L.A. punk stores, venues, websites, events and an monthly updated L.A. Punk Calendar!"

\par Los Angeles: PFAFS (People For A Free Society)
"Essential for Anarchists living in Los Angeles"

\par Louisville Punk Poop
"we have links to local bands and other local stuff from here in Louisville, Kentucky we also have show dates, news, and other crap"

\par The Louisiana Punk Scene
"a page about the louisiana punk rock scene, local bands, show listings, links and stuff"

\par \par \par Malaysia - Segamat brings the chaos
"Tells you all about Segamat scene, a small district as a district of all kind of underground troops"

\par Malaysia Punk Page
"Malaysian punk and Oi (Northern Riot) Page"

\par Massachusetts Punk
"Local bands of boston"

\par Melbourne Punk Page
"Info on the punk scene in Melbourne, Australia. Info on local bands, gig guide, reviews and more."

\par Melbourne Punk
"a mail list of tour dates, reviews , up and coming bands, of local and interstate bands around oz and what ever else comes to mind."

\par Memphis Ska, Punk, & Hardcore
"Memphis SPHC is a fan page of the Memphis ska, punk, and hardcore scene. It contains capsule bits on local bands, a list of upcoming shows, and contact info for booking shows."

\par Merced California: Fatty Mocha
"An all-ages club supporting the scene in Merced CA"

\par Michigan All Ages Show Page
"A almost daily updated list of all ages shows happening in Michigan! "

\par Michigan Punk Scene
"Links to the best bands in Michigan."

\par Michigan: Punx of Today
"A site about punk rock, the punk scene in West Michigan, and a thesis."

\par Michigan: Punkbrat
"Zine-type-thing for Michigan punk kids. Includes articles, reviews, local bands, MI concert dates, links, and more."

\par Michigan/Indiana - Michiana Underground
"From Northern Indiana, the Michiana Underground is designed to give some free exposure to local punk, ska & hardcore bands"

\par The Midwestern (U.S.A.) Forum
"This is a site that contains a lot of info on Midwestern bands, venues, labels, and some extra stuff. Especially useful if you're trying to arrange a show."

\par Midwest (U.S.A.)Show Listing
"The Midwest Show Listing for: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri and Michigan.."

\par Minneapolis Riot
"The history of Twin Cities Punk Rock"

\par Minneapolis: The Inferno
"The Premiere Punk Rock Venue of Minneapolis. Specializing in Hardcore, Drunk ass, two fingers in the air Punk Fuckin Rock. Visit the site for info on past show reviews and/or booking info."

\par Minnesota Punk Page
"Your #1 source for information on anything relating to Minnesota's Punk scene!"

\par Minnesota: The Java Joint
"A coffee house in central Minnesota that has been doing all age shows every Friday and Saturday night since 1995. Page includes monthly music calendar and booking information."

\par Minot. North Dakota Music Scene
"Home of Pipe Dreams and great bands such as the Cynet Committee, the Dead Presidents, Five Balls High and countless others."

\par Minot ND, Liberty Social Tavern
"info of upcoming Minot shows, and other North Dakota punk/ska/emo/etc. music updates. yeah..."

\par Mississippi Info

\par Mississippi Punk Ska Hardcore
"This features info on lots of Mississippi bands (fitting into the afformentioned genre), as well as show listings, venuesor promoters, and political thoughts."

\par Missoula Anti-Racist Action
"Putting on shows,holding demos, and giving fascist's the boot...In Missoula, we ARE the scene"

\par Montana Punk
"The name pretty much says it all. Scene Report, Show Listing, Sound Files, etc..."

\par Monteparadiso
"The biggest hardcore-punk festival in Croatia, Pula-Monteparadiso organization "

\par Monterey, CA - Eight Ball Graphics
"Covers: Bands, shows, and other assorted items for Monterey, CA. Also has a flyer & photo gallery, links, and of course, a Magic 8 Ball!"

\par Montr\'e9al.online
"Everything you need to know about Montr\'e9al, Canada."

\par Mt. Juliet, TN Punk and Ska
"Mt. Juliet, TN home to Highstrung, Mr. Fancy, the Dig-Its, Supersloth, More or the Same, and many other punk and ska bands. Even if here in TN we inbreed, we still have some good bands!"

\par Mt. Sterling Punk Scene (MTS Pirate Core)
"it's about the mt. sterling ,ky punk scene"

\par \par \par Nanticoke Straight Edge
"Info on Hardcore bands, links, sXe, show dates, and other cool hardcore stuff! SUPPORT THE SCENE!! HARDCORE LIVES!!"

\par Nashville: Music City Punk
"This site provides info on the Nashvegas Punk Scene.It includes local band webpages and a listing of upcoming punk/ska/hardcore shows at Nashville venues."

\par New Brunswick, Canada: N.B. Punx
"N.B. Punx- Directory of all punk/ska/hardcore bands in New Brunswick, Can. as well as regional show dates."

\par New England Music: Just Another Scene?
"Resource on the Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont music scene, focusing heavily upon punk, emo, hardcore, metal, and ska, yet including many other styles of music too."

\par New England: Tony and Pals
"New England Local Punk Scene"

\par New England PUnk!
"composed of various links and pages relating to labels, bands, songs, stories, s, message board, and more"

\par New Hampshire Sucks!
"This is a page dedicated to the growing scene in New Hampshire. Includes, bands, zines, record labels, stuff to do in New Hampshire, and more! Also, you can find official stuff on the New Hampshire punk giants, The Queers, and the Bruisers."

\par New Jersey: Laura's Punk & Ska Page
"There are lots of links (local NJ bands, other great bands...), pictures, local NJ show listings and more..."

\par New Jersey Punk
"show listings, band info, nj junk....."

\par NJ Punk and Ska Info
"Page about NJ's punk and ska scene"

\par New Orleans anok/punk page
"This site is about new orleans anarchism mostly, but along with that i also list any upcoming anarchist/punk shows in the new orleans area. check it out"

\par New Providence: NP Scene
"An online zine of some punk, mainly HARDCORE. All about the New Providence scene."

\par New York: Matt's Hardcore Page
"Lot's of NYHC, Punk, and Oi! stuff, links, news, from ny, show reviews, record reviews, Awkward Thought webpage, Representin' the 914 area code"

\par New York: Arts Siren
"Don't know anyone in New York City? Wish you did? London starting to bore you? Even the Punk scene? Check out Artssiren's New York City Squatters, a glimse into life in the United States' Village's Lower East Side. Not for the weak hearted, full of hollywood's sex, drugs & rockn'roll"

\par New York: Punk Nite NYC
"punk shows/cool pics and flyers/and scene info for nyc -nj"

\par New Zealand: The Artery
"the Artery is a performance all age venue in Nelson, New Zealand, also recording studio and record label (Yellow Bike), bands include Dead Centre, C.U.N.T, Killtrain, Lung, PussyHound, contact Dave (64)35466918, PO Box 566, nelson, NZ"

\par North Carolina: Capital Area Punk Scene
"This site is all about the North Carolina Triangle Are Punk Scene. Raleigh and Cary are main points of emphasis because we all realize that our scene is growing. Meet the people, the bands, and the music. Food Not Bombs and Anti-Racist Action information too!"

\par Northern Indiana Punk
"Tabs, History, Links And Other Things Dealing With Northern Indiana Punk"

\par North Louisiana / East Texas: Shrevepunx
"An online guide to the north Louisiana/East Texas punk rock scene with the goal of Unify a scene."

\par Northwest (USA) - Ten Things Zine
Ten Things webzine is more than just a regular webzine. It also has in-depth coverage of the local Northwest U.S. music scene.

\par Northwest (USA) Punk Scene
"Links and info for everything you need and want to know about punk in the Northwest. Including: Bands, concerts, labels, and zines."

\par Northwest (USA) Hardcore
"All about Northwest Hardcore. The only large site about the scene around Seattle being done today. Pics, shows, kids, etc."

\par Nova Scotia Punk Scene
"Pretty self-explanatory: a description of the punk rock scene in Canada's Ocean Playground and the bands that make it happen."

\par \par \par Ohio Show List
"Regularly updated list of punk, hardcore, indie, experimental etc. shows."

\par Ohio: Punk bands from Ohio
"Puts some of the great bands from Ohio all in one page."

\par NE Ohio Punk and Hardcore: The Shirts and Skins Crew
"Homepage for all of the underground music in Youngstown, Ohio, and surrounding arreas such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Bands range from punk and hardcore to metal, rock n roll, grindcore, and ska. Come visit the SSC!!!"

\par Oklahoma Underground music sources
"Info about shows,bands,etc..In Oklahoma"

\par Oklahoma Rocks
"Oklahoma Rocks has info on the local oklahoma music scene, mainly punk it list upcoming shows and local bands in the oklahoma area"

\par Oklahoma: OKHC Punks and Skins
"punks and skins in Oklahoma tryin to unite."

\par Omaha (Nebraska, USA) Underground Music Scene

\par The Ontraio Punk and Hardcore Directory
"A directory of sites with Ontario (and Canadian) punk content. Not just a another links page. Descriptions of all sites so you can find what you are looking for."

\par The Ontario Punk Show Listings
"It's the listings of all the punk shows in Ontario, with more bands being added all the time! "

\par Ontario Punk Page

\par Southern Ontario Hardcore (sohc.org)

\par Ontario: Punkfest
Home page of the Spiderland Punkfest, held three times/year with a million bands and drunken punks in the woods.

\par Ontario: Punkfest 99
"What a cool Punk Bash, We have the memories Here!"

\par Orange County, NY Punk Online!
"Formally "The Orange County, NY Punk Directory". Info on local shows, bands zines, and other shit. Check it out."

\par Orange County Punk
"a half-ass attempt at a page describing the OC scene"

\par Orange County New York Punk
"Bringing you punk from "The Other Orange County", with the bands, zines, shows, and even the people that make this scene."

\par OregonPunk!
"Oregon punk/ska bands, 'zines, promoters, venues, etc. "

\par Oshawa Punk Page
"Oshawa Ontario's Punk Scene Includes bands Like Out Of Hand, The Fheds, & Figure Four"

\par Ostend-Belgium: OHK_online
"a local youthclub in Ostend-Belgium dedicated to ULTRa-punkrock"

\par Ottawa Scene
Information about bands, upcoming shows, etc. in Ottawa, Ontario.

\par Ottawa: 234 PUNX
A local Ottawa telephone hotline and web page with show listings galore.

\par Ottawa Punk & Ska Scene
"A page on the scene of Ottawa, Ontario...including info on bands, venues and upcomming shows..."

\par Ottawa shows on J-S's punk page
"Page with exactly everything on punk from mp3s to Ottawa shows, to tabs etc. updated every new show"

\par Ottawa Tough Guy Productions
"Tough Guy Productions is THE Ottawa production company, with THE Ottawa punk/HC site, because it holds all the info about the local scene, and most importantly because it is a non-profit organization working on improving the scene with it's productions ..."

\par Ottawa PUNX Mailing List
Lists upcoming shows in Ottawa Ontario, and surrounding places (Syracuse, Burlington VT, Montreal, Toronto, etc.). Send email with "subscribe punx" in the body of the message.

\par Oxnard, Calfornia - Nardcore
"Nardcore- the punk rock scene from Oxnard, CA and surrounding communities"

\par \par \par PEI HC- A guide to Hardcore on Prince Edward Island, Canada
"This as far as I know is the only site of it's kind about PEI. There's lotsa band info, how to get in touch with the bands in our scene, how to get a show here and some soundfiles and links. If your parents are gonna drag you here for vacation, be sure to check this site..."

\par Pennsylvania: PA Punk Page
"a site devoted to the Pennsylvania Punk, Ska, and Hardcore Scene. Includes a list of bands, shows, venues, and labels."

\par Pennsylvania: TuffGuy Records
"Information on bands,shows,and music from Northwestern PA. Many links to really good pages."

\par Pennsylvania: Central PA Punk Listings
"A page that that is dedicated and determined to help out the central pa punk scene by listing all kinds of crap for the area."

\par Pennsylvania: Death Of The Day Job
"E-zine dedicated to Pa's underground music scene"

\par Per\'fa - Rock Subterr\'e1neo
"Esta pagina solo escrito en castellano,Not english write only spanish"

\par Per\'fa - Rock Subterr\'e1neo
"Aproximaci\'f3n e historia de la vertiente anarquista del Rock Subterr\'e1neo lime\'f1o (1983-1997)."

\par Peterborough (UK) Punk & Hardcore
"Site about Peterborough (UK) and it's growing punk/hardcore scene. Also here is info on Positive Outlook Records, a non-profit DIY label helping out local bands such as HHH, Evil MAcaroni and 98 High. Not only that but this site also houses MFG online zine!"

\par Philadelphia - Philly Punk Page

\par Philadelphia
"A Philadelphia scene page with showlist, MP3s, extensive links & more"

\par Philadelphia: Philly Fringe
"Great site showcasing the local (philadelphia) punk/ska/hardcore/ scene"

\par Phoenixville Hardcore
"this site has to do with our local scene and 3 bands from phoenixville,pa. 610 hXc fights back against the things that plague the youth."

\par Pittsburgh

\par Pittsburgh Punk
"A new site with info on the pittsburgh punk scene. Links and shows are the main features. More to be added soon!"

\par The Plymouth (UK) Punx Page!
"Anarcho cider driven punkiness from the UK's South West."

\par Portland Oregon: The Chinese Tea House
"The Chinese Tea House is a Club in Portland Oregon we are all ages with a full bar for those over 21 check out the site for show listings and contact info"

\par Portland Oregon: The Hall Of Punk II
"Portland punk zine, links, reviews, pictures, punk, local news etc.."

\par Prince George and Vanderhoof (British Columbia, Canada) Hardcore

\par Puerto Rico: La Escena PR
"La Escena de Punk,Hardcore,Oi y Ska de Puerto Rico"

\par Puerto Rico: Mediokre Punx Krew
"On this site about the new punk rock and ska bands in the puerto rico scene "

\par \par \par Quebec: News punk en francais
"nouvelle sur les show punk, ska hardcore qui s'en vienne au qu\'e9bec. Et la sorti des nouveaux albums."

\par Quebec (819) Hardcore
"Information about the Quebec Hardcore scene, pictures of bands that played here, and various reviews."

\par Quebec: Liste des shows d'icitte!
"Listing of ALL the shows who is here(QC) all the PUNK/SKA/ROCK/GRUNGE/SURF/ALTRERNATIVE/OI/GARAGE/GRIND/METAL musics shows!"

\par Quebec Punk
"Directory for Quebec ska, punk and hardcore band. (In French)"

\par Quebec: CLS Connection
"Oi! CLS Connection is our organization and our website is the home of Nouvelle-France records, and bands Trouble Makers & Troupe d'\'c9lite. Contains infos, discographies and mp3 files."

\par Quebec Hardcore News
"Since 1996, all the information you ever needed about the Quebec hardcore scene. Features pictures, reviews, MP3s, links, contact list, and much much more!"

\par \par \par Rapid City Music Scene
"info on upcoming shows in Rapid City, SD, and info on local bands"

\par Raleigh, NC: povertyisviolence
"povertyisviolence is... just that. There's some free stuff here, auctions, contests, all that. Local info for Raleigh, NC and surrounding area can also be found here. Touring bands get in touch for show bookings."

\par Raleigh, NC
"RMC has been on line since February 1998 and what started out as a music site for the capitol city has grown to include news, links and info on bands from all over North Carolina with a few national acts thrown in for good measure."

\par The Reno Scene
"Hi my mission is to provide concert dates for local Ska, Punk, Hardcore, Swing, '77, Oi!, Rocksteady, Rockabilly, skate demos,when I poop etc. for the Reno area."

\par Ring of Punk Ska and Hardcore Scenes
"The idea behind this web ring is to link all of the punk ska and hardcore scene pages out there with each other"

\par Road Rage DIY Resource List
"DIY listings for hardcore bands, labels, distros, promoters, zines, travellers, etc.. email your local listings. No emo, poppy, racist, sexist, homophobic shit here!!! SUPPORT DIY!"

\par Rochester Punk Page
"for the latest on the rochester punk scene view this page, band links, upcoming shows, western newyork. greatlinks!""

\par Rockford, IL: That One Place
"An awesome stomping ground in the Rockford, IL, area that hosts many punk/ska/hardcore/etc bands (among other types) every weekend."

\par Rockford, IL: 8:54 Productions
"Rockford, IL area company that books shows and promotes the SH*T out of them!!!"

\par Russian Punk Zone
"Russia russia"

\par \par \par Sacramento: Sacto Punk Implosion
"scaramento is not only the cap of california but one of the best punk scenes in the world. more great bands come out of this hole than water-headed cabbage babies from you ma, hick."

\par Salt Lake's REAL Punk Scene!
"This Page is about the punk scene in Salt Lake City Utah, and other surrounding areas, Salt Lake has a great punk scene full of great bands and some great people. This page is full of punk bands (not pop-punk, which really isnt punk at all) as well as upcoming show dates, links, flyers, news, ect."

\par San Diego: The Punk Rock Poser Girl's Guide to San Diego
"Links to and descriptions of bands, things to do and other San Diego stuff."

\par San Diego: Silenced Reality
"san diego punk/hardcore/oi/crust/grind scene and listing of shows"

\par San Gabriel Valley, California
"This page is dedicated to the SoCal punk scene. Local bands, shows, people, etc."

\par Santa Fe, NM: Capital City Punks and Skins
"Santa Fe, NM Punk/Skinhead crew homepage, info and links on the local scene"

\par Saranac Lake Punk Homepage
"Description of the punk scene in and around the beautiful town of Saranac Lake."

\par Sarnia, Ontario: Chemical Valley Hardcore/Punk Rock
"Info on the Sarnia scene, what to expect if you go to Sarnia, local bands, local zine, linx to cool sites, etc...it's slowly growing."

\par Saskatchewan Punk/Hardcore/Etc
"Band info, soundclips, zines, radio, etc all from secluded Saskatchewan, Canada."

\par Sault Ste. Marie Scene
"city located in northern ontario, updated ALOT, assortment of things such as punkshow dates, links, etc."

\par Sault Ste. Marie
"Local Music Scene in Sault Ste. Marie, CAN"

\par Scotland Calling!
"This site is based around the scottish music scene also gig reviews and gig listings"

\par Seattle Music Web

\par Seattle: Derek's Seattle Punk Page

\par Seattle Punk Tour Guide
"Info. on Seattle transportation, cheap eats, concert calendar, club directory, cheap places to stay, record/book stores directory,a recipe for my favorite drink, and my distro online catalog"

\par Sierra Vista Punk Page

\par South Africa
"The site about South African Punk, and Hardcore. Has links to everything. Includes Racket Records music distro."

\par South Carolina Punk Rock
"Show info, small mailorder distro, and more!"

\par South Carolina Upstate Scene
"Bands, Zines, and Other Things of Interest in the Upstate South Carolina area"

\par South Carolina: 803 Underground
"A home for all forms of underground music in South Carolina"

\par South Eastern USA
"South east music"

\par South East (USA) Brutal Noise

\par Southeast (USA) Hardcore
"Index of HC bands, labels, zines and shows in the SouthEastern US."

\par Southern California: Karla's Kalendar
"show listings for southern california (l.a., o.c., san diego, t.j.)"

\par Southern Ontario Hardcore Scene

\par Southern (USA) Scene
"Georgia & South Carolinas punk/ska/grind/crust/oi. Show updates. Links to local bands, and info. on area venues, clothing/music stores, piercers & tattoo artists. Read Augusta GAs Subversive Thought. If you have a site pertaining to the GA/SC scene submit it here."

\par South Jersey Music
"A page about the South Jersey Scene."

\par Spain: Tunk!
"a new concert hall in irun(basque country)with international and national tours. good concerts. also pratice rooms, shop, music academy, discografic label. good stuff"

\par Spokane Punk Page
"Info on spokane bands, shows and so on..."

\par St. Louis Punk Page
"The st. Louis punk page is a complete listing of assorted punk, ska, and core bands that have either graced or disgraced the gateway city. it gives both reviews of all the bands at highlighted shows and also gives the web sites to all the bands. it is farmost the best resource on the STL Punk scen"

\par The St. Louis Punk Page

\par Estrogen St. Louis
"St. Louis' Pro-Female Underground On-Line Music Resource! Scene report & upcoming shows. Bands, labels, zines & more! "

\par Whatever dood
"Band photos, show information, links, other stuff related to the St. Louis scene."

\par Stockholm 08 Hardcore
"With this page, we're trying to spread the word of Stockholm's hardcore-scene. Here you can find information on bands, venues, showdates etc. Also adresses to people who put up shows. In Swedish."

\par St. Thomas, Ontario: UpThEpUnX
"St Thomas has a punk scene? Local Bands, Reviews, Articles, Shows, Pictures, Sounds, other useless shit."

\par SwissPunkWeb
"links to Swiss punkbands, news from Swiss punk scene, upcoming events for Switzerland and southern Germany, some links to mp3 downloads"

\par Syracuse NY: Danger's Killer Punk Page
"This site is a resource for Syracuse,CNY and East Coast area bands,fans,promoters,etc. If you have a band send your info. List your shows here have a cause or a distro advertise here. Syracuse ARA, Food Not Bombs, Campus Freethought Alliance and more!"

\par \par \par Tennessee Local Punk and Ska
"local punk and ska bands there shows some sounds and links to their pages"

\par The Texas Punk Page
"What? You mean that punk doesn't only exsist in California and N.Y.? A listing of the finest punk bands in TEXAS"

\par Texas: South Coast Punk
"Texas punk rock, Texas show dates, Local Texas interviews, Contests, Reviews, Keepin' Punk alive in Texas!"

\par Texas Raw Art
"An online compendium of Texas-based musicians and visual artists"

\par Thunder Bay, Ontario: Thundercore
"Punx in the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada area."

\par Toledo (Ohio) Punks
"Toledo Ohio's punk scene is finally starting to get some freaking recognition"

\par Toledo (Spain) Hardcore - Propuesta Activa Sonora
"Association supporting the hardcore scene in Toledo (Spain)"

\par Torino Italy: L'Altra Faccia Di Torino
"Punk-Harcore-Oi-Ska-Noise bands from Turin ITALY **listen the Realaudio fabolous songs!!**"

\par Toronto Area Show Lisitings
"Listing of shows and other stuff of interest coming up in the Toronto area, as well as photos from past shows, flyers and links."

\par The Toronto Punk Page
"This site has info on what's happening in the Toronto scene as well as gig listings for shows coming up in and around Toronto, as well as reviews, new releases, tabs, message board, chat, sounds, lyrics and more"

\par Toronto PUNK Page: The punkest of the punk
"interveiws with local bands, concert listings, reveiws, videos soundclips, newest news and more!!!"

\par Toronto: Dog Eat SKA!
"Contains info on the Toronto Ska and 'Skunk' scene. A small listing of upcoming shows and venues . Includes, reviews, sounds, chat, pics and links."

\par Treibsand-L\'fcbeck (Germany)
"alternative club - upcomming shows and lots of photos from past shows"

\par Troyes City Pillave Core french hxc
"Organisation of shows and tour in france"

\par \par \par UK Punk Shows List
"Weekly updated shows list for the UK. Includes links to Bands, Labels etc."

\par UK - FreeStyle Punk Page
"UK Page with reviews, interviews and links for all yer fave punk, hardcore and ska bands. UK Gig guide included!"

\par UK: The Punkmage
"uk punk gig guide, plus other stuff too. (contact me if you want to add dates)"

\par Punk UK
"The best place for Punks in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, basically the UK. Including Reviews, Competitions, Gigs, Bands, Links and more!"

\par Upstate NY Punk
"ann Updated ver. of AlbanyPunx, has news, Shows and other stuff, i am on a realy crappy sever and am looking to move it so it may be else where in the futur"

\par U.S.A. - The Show List
"Features upcoming shows, links and more, for almost every darn state!"

\par \par \par Vancouver Local 101
"An all-inclusive report on the Vancouver punk rock, ska, metal, hardcore and crust scene. Includes Gig dates and reviews of bands/records as well as links to bands/sites of interest."

\par Vancouver Five Minute Major
"A page about Vancouver's punk scene. Complete listings of Vancouver Venues, contact info, upcoming show listings, as well as info on Vancouver bands. A must see for any bands planning on coming to Vancouver."

\par Victorville, California: The Fly Theatre
"all Age Concert Venue Located: 15573 Seventh St. Victorville, Ca. 92392 |8pm to 12am Live Bands Weekends"

\par Virginia: www.pheer.com : va/md/dc show listing
"show listing for va/md/dc area"

\par \par \par The West Coast Psychobilly Homepage
"The place to look for everything psycho. All the bands and news and records and movies you want to see. Everything but the booze. "

\par Western Massechussettes Bands Page
"All of Tantasqua's bands are on here, GO DoG GO, the WESTIES, World Wide Dryer Company, the Hascals etc. contains links to their official homepages (some here are official), also an OLGA search site and links to various tab sites."

\par Western New York
"Links to many of the great local bands from Western New York"

\par West Virginia: S.O.S. save our scene
"The first site dedicated to starting a scene in West Virginia. We need bands to come here and play."

\par West Virginia: W.V. Punx Page
"This is the local scene report/page for WV Punk Rock, it is chock full...ok im a liar...Its almost full of WV punk rock, columns by locals, My favorite links, and of course...WV punx."

\par Windsor Ontario: Rose City Rock N' Roll
"Information on Windsor punk bands..."

\par Winnipeg, Manitoba: WinniPunk!
"WinniPunk Takes focus on The Winnipeg Punk Scene, "It's more than Propaghandi!" Says one loyal punk. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Support Your Local Scene!"

\par Hey Punk! The Winnipeg Punk Scene
"Winnipeg punk, bands, shows, etc."

\par Winthrop, MA
"winthrop MA, home to the ILLeGitiMatEs, the FaRSidE fReNZy, tHe BeLLiGeReNts, and LUI. we got street, pogo, oi, crust, and pop punk all in a square mile of liquor stores and pizza joints. Check it out."

\par Wisconsin Punk and Hardcore
"he wisconsin punk and hardcore webpage is an archive for upcoming shows in wi, and mn, as well as a venue for news, articles, reviews, classifieds, and a soon to come DIY mailorder distro"

\par Wisconsin Punk Online
"A punk resource page for the greater Wisconsin area. Contains band info, a message board, show listings, and a recipe section!"

\par Wisconsin Punk Scene "report" page
"This is a new site dedicated to Wisconsin's scenes. Talk to other cheeseheads, read reviews, and know about shows. By the kids, for the kids."

\par Wisconsin Punk Shows
"This is an up to date listing of punk shows in the dairy state."

\par Wisconsin Punk/HC/Indie Show Listing
"wisconsin shows!"

\par Northeastern Wisconsin Punk Page
"The punk scene in and around Northeastern Wisconsin"

\par Worcester Punk
"if you live in worcester and you want to know about shows and bands and clubs in the area go here"

\par Wuhan China: wuhanpunk
"Punk bands in fuckin city China!"

\par \par \par \par \par York PA: the Shi'ite Punk Page
"a page dedicated to the counterculture, anti-racist action, music and freedom of speech, maintained by a punk grrl with riotous tendencies."

\par \par \par